Thursday, April 27, 2006


Guaysamin Home and Museum

Ecuador's most famous artist is Oswaldo Guayasamin, who died in 1999. (self-portrait at right) His influence in Ecuador is vast and his work has been exhibited around the world. He is virtually unknown in the United States, probably because of his friendship with, and support of, Castro. At the time of his death he was midway through the construction of a grand museum called the Capilla del Hombre (Chapel of Man) high up on a hillside overlooking Quito.

His last home and studio are a bit further up the hill from the museum and we started there, wandering around the grounds, looking at his sculptures, his cars and some of his collection of Spanish mission bells.

From the house, we made our way down the hill toward the museum, stopping along the way to admire a Pre-columbian, Mayan sculpture, collected by Guayasamin, the beautiful view of Quito and a new sculpture on the grounds of the museum. I believe this piece is representative of the death of an indigenous leader at the hands (and horses) of the Spanish. This piece is not by Guayasamin, but was commissioned for the museum. I don't know the name of the artist—wish I did.

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the Chapel of Man museum.

What a beautiufl spot and cool artwork.

That horse piece is both gruesome and somehow really breathtaking.
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