Saturday, April 01, 2006


Eduardo Vega Gallery

Cuenca is well known for ceramics. Probably the best known ceramics artist in Ecuador is Eduardo Vega. His beautiful gallery sits on a hill called Turi that overlooks Cuenca with an expansive view. There is also a lovely church at Turi and interesting painted murals all around. Our son-in-law, Cayo, painted one of the murals at Turi, that was featured in a guidebook for Ecuador.

Vega has done many ceramic murals throughout Ecuador, as well as the small pieces he is known for. This mural is in the courtyard at the entrance to the gallery. Below is a picture I took of Emily and Cayo the first time we visited the gallery.

We have bought quite a few pieces in this gallery in the several times we have visited. The colors and forms are irresistable.

Inside the gallery there is a window from which you can view the workroom below. You can see sections of a large mural that is being made.

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