Friday, April 28, 2006


Eating out in Quito

We always enjoy finding new restaurants in Quito and revisiting those that we love. Several come to mind as I think about eating in Ecuador. Unfortunately, we don't have any photos of these places. We are always too busy eating to take pictures.

On every trip, we wind up eating one or more meals at Crepes and Waffles. This is a chain from Columbia and there are several of them in Quito. They are popular for business lunches and family outings. The large mid-day meal is Almuerzo. Visiting C & W during this time usually requires a wait. They have great salads, sandwiches, and crepe dishes. They also have huge wild and crazy ice cream desserts. The food is very tasty, the portions are large, and you can depend on sanitized fresh fruit and vegetables. I have to mention, though, that last year our friend, Muriel, found a live slug in her salad. I guess that indicates a lack of pesticides. They were very gracious and made it right for us. That has not deterred us from ordering salads on return visits. We are, however, pretty watchful.

We went to a great Italian Restaurant, however I can’t remember the name. Also, Em & Cayo took us to the only brew-pub in Quito, the Turtles Head Pub. It is styled after a British pub. The décor is great and the beer selection is good. They also have decent snacks. Andy and I played a few games of pool with Cayo. It was fun. We also met friends of Emily at a Pizza restaurant one night.

Quito has a wide assortment of restaurants that feature food from Cuba, Mexico, Italy, France, the US, and many more. And, of course, there are establishments that feature traditional Ecuadorian fare. There are a growing number of American fast food franchises (McD, KFC, etc.) Needless to say, we don’t spend valuable tourist time and $ in those establishments.

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