Friday, April 28, 2006


Capilla del Hombre

The Capilla del Hombre museum is built on two levels with an opening up through the center to the dome, that can be seen from the outside. The work, all done by Guayasamin, is very large for the most part. Guyasamin depicted the misery and injustice of the world, especially of the indigenous populations of Ecuador. The work is emotional and very dramatic. Emily was telling me that despite his fame and a certain national pride, Guayasamin is controversial and many Ecuadoreans dislike his depiction of their people and culture as being downtrodden and oppressed.

Inside the dome.

And, on the softer side, this sculpture called "Family". The painting is probably Guayasamin's most famous and is a tribute to his mother. It is called "Tenderness".

Oh, I love the Tenderness painting, I can see why you like his work!
I was first pulled to your blog by your picture. You have great hair! I loved the funny pictures on your other blog, with your references to helmet hair. Very funny. This Ecuador blog is a feast for the eyes. Beautiful! I'm glad I found it.
I feel like I recognize your name, from APNQ maybe?
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