Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Visiting Nubia

When we first got to Cuenca, we went to visit Nubia, a friend of Emily's. When Emily first worked in Ecuador in 1999, she rented a room at the home of Nubia, her brother Pedro, and her mother Gerardina. They are the nicest people and they treated Emily with great kindness and support. Pedro is now married and lives in San Diego and his mother has retired and moved out of the city to a country home. Nubia and her family and Pedro attended Emily's wedding in Quito last May and we got to spend some time with them. Nubia was pregnant at that time, so we were excited about this visit to see the new baby.

Nubia, and her husband Diego, have a son who is about 2 years old, I think. He is extremely photogenic, as you can see in the picture with his Mom. His name is Pedro, after his uncle. A friend of the family, Erika, was visiting and we enjoyed talking with her about her work in the jungle. I remember her from when we visited their family in 1999.

Terry and Emily helped Nubia make lunch which was carrot soup. While they were cooking, Andy and I entertained Pedro and the baby. We had a fun time cooking, eating, and visiting. Cayo wasn't with us. He had to work and flew to Cuenca on a later flight than us. Diego came home for lunch so we got to see him also.

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