Thursday, March 02, 2006


Posada del Angel, Cuenca

We have stayed at Posada del Angel in Cuenca several times and we like it very much. It is well-located in the center of Colonial Cuenca in a restored Colonial house.

Like so many of the Colonial buildings it is built around a central courtyard, now the lobby, and covered by a big skylight.

The sun pours in and bathes the interior in sunlight and warmth. Along the balconies are seating areas with comfy chairs and lots of reading materials. Breakfast is served in the sunny breakfast room.

You can step out onto your outside balcony and watch the traffic on the cobblestoned streets or the city coming to life first thing in the morning. Ray caught this fellow dozing on his balcony in the next building.

The colors in that hotel are just gorgeous!
Hi Terry, I stumbled onto your website "Sew it goes" and I was browsing around when the word Ecuador caught my eye. Yeah...I am from there and as a matter of fact, born in the gorgeous city of Cuenca. I was so thrilled to find someone who likes my little country. Hopefully next year I can take my boyfriend and he likes it just as much as you do. =)
Thanks for all your coments .

Hostal Posada del Angel
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