Friday, March 24, 2006


A Day in the campo

After the big new year's eve celebration everyone was moving slowly the next morning, but the plan was to load up the family and a lot of food and go spend the day at the Molina's house in the country. Cayo's brother, Pedro, has the only car, so most of us rode out in taxis. The house is less than an hour outside of Cuenca in a peaceful setting of hills, a stream, flowers and Eucalyptus trees.

Unlike the city houses, the country house has a big yard with grass and plenty of places to relax, both inside and on the porch.
The hammock proved to be a popular spot. Even the dogs managed a nap in the hammock with Eliana.

Lobo struck a meditative pose in the hammock.

Chela, of course, prepared a huge meal. Cayo fixed ceviche with shrimp—delicious! Everyone found a spot to doze or watch the kids play in the yard.

Pedro's little boy, also named Pedro, seemed to especially enjoy the sunshine and open space and delighted us by being as adorable as only a 2-year-old can be.

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