Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Weaving studio in Peguche

Just outside Otavalo is the little town of Peguche which is the source of much of the beautiful weaving that Ecuador is famed for.

We visited a weaving studio in Peguche just across the street from this exceptionally beautiful church.

The woman who greeted us took us into the studio to see all the aspects of the weavings. The weaving done in this studio is a higher quality than most that is sold at the Otavalo market. These weavings are sold in the better galleries in Ecuador.

She showed us the raw materials that are used for dying the wool yarns, including achiote and Cochineal, a beetle that lives on cactuses.

Here she is weaving fabric for tote bags.

On this loom she weaves tapestries.

Here are some of the beautiful weavings they produce in this studio.

OMG, those weavings are gorgeous! The colors just GLOW!

I really like the building the weavers are in too - very funky.
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