Thursday, February 16, 2006


Parting thoughts of Otavalo

I wanted to add a few random thoughts about Otavalo and the surrounding area before we take you off on another adventure. We have seen some amazing sunsets from La Luna. The ordinary view is of a large valley with spectacular mountains as a backdrop.

From La Luna, there are a number of hikes. We have never hiked a trail directly from the hostel, but we have driven a short distance up the hill to lake Mojanda. It is a high elevation so the walking is measured. The weather was good, but it was cold. The vegetation is typical of high elevations. Below is a picture of Emily and Cayo at the lake.

Before we leave Otavalo, I want to mention the place we used to stay. It is a hostal called Aya Huma and it is located in Peguchi, just up the hill from the town of Otavalo where the weaving factory is located. We have stayed there twice and I would recommend it. It is more humble and less expensive than La Luna, but it is located in the middle of where the local indiginous artisans live. They have a small bar/restaurant where there is usually wonderful live folk music and dancing on Saturday nights. The term Aya Huma refers to a local nature spirit whose image appears regularly in this region. You will see the Aya Huma in the logo of the Hostal on their web site and also in one of the glass decorations on a street light in Otavalo.

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