Sunday, January 29, 2006


More on Mosaico

  1. I wanted to add a little more about Mosaico. If you are going to Quito this is such a nice place from which to view the city. You see the length of the valley and just how Quito follows the contour of the valley and creeps up the sides of the surrounding mountains.

    The view of the Panecillo and the Virgin of Quito statue is wonderful from there. (Panecillo means "little loaf of bread" and it is a small mountain in the middle of old Quito with the monumental statue of the Virgin atop it) When we went this trip, the sky was dark and threatening and then the rain came pouring down. It was pretty spectacular. By the way, that's a bull fighting arena you see in the lower left.

    Here's a view inside. It is quite a charming place and the drinks and desserts are especially good.

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