Tuesday, January 17, 2006



There were a pair of parrots on a perch just outside the door to the main lobby at Arasha. They were very noisy, but we couldn't get them to talk. The wild birds that were flying around were really beautiful, but nearly impossible to get pictures of. They just moved too fast.

The toucan lived in a big cage up behind the main building.

I had about 30 minutes to kill today before a meeting in Poulsbo, so stopped at their super supermarket to browse the HUGE bulk foods area. There in one bin was raw cocoa beans. It said, "Just peel and eat!" I remembered your description of making chocolate as being just a little more complicated than that, but one of these days I think I'll go back and get a bagful and have some fun. I'm sure it tastes better in a rainforst in Ecuador but I can pretend. I think I have some pictures of parrots and toucans somewhere that I can hang--get a little equitorial ambiance going?
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